What's new with FrogDown

6/27/2013 Finish the program and incoporate all this into the docs proper. Don't need 'What's New' content until it is really released. The initial release should only have a single "Welcome to FrogDown" sentence in "WhatsNew."

6/26/2013 Fixed the path logic so you can use multiple directory levels in the authoring directory. Changed the directory structure in the distribution zip file so it is close to working when unzipped on Windows. And is closer to working when unzipped on Linux.

6/25/2013 Might as well start this. Added new DoAllFrogs.pl script that generates a GenAll.bat batch (Windows) or GenAll.sh shell (Linux) script that will run MarkdownWrapper.pl on all .md files in the directory. To use it, make sure that DoAllFrogs.pl is on your path and is properly chmodded. Then change to your authoring directory. Type

DoAllFrogs.pl frog frog-mobile (the names of your configuration files.)

DoAllFrogs.pl will then generate the appropriate GenAll script for your platform. Examine it. Edit it. Rename it. etc. It is an aid for generating the HTML files.

Added additional checking logic to TestPerl.pl to test that the HOME environment is set. And that the etc/markcms directory (that holds FrogDown configuration files) exists. TestPerl.pl is covered in Installing FrogDown.

Changed the directory structure in FrogDown.zip to be (hopefully) less confusing. (You still need to edit frog-site.cfg and frog-mobile-site.cfg, as described in Installing FrogDown.)

Added support for template variables in CSS style sheets. Enable this by changing the file extension for your CSS sheets from .css to .csst. Add

File = frog-tablet.csst

to your configuration file. When MarkdownWrapper.pl sees the file extension of .csst, it will do template variable processing. Any other file types will just be copied. Define the template variables like

### Start of CSS Variables ###
_BodyBackgroundColor = #eee
_BodyFontColor = black
### End of CSS Variables ###

in your configuration files. And also in the .csst files. They work just like the other template variables, except they are in a different "namespace." To use them, go through your CSS file and put %%BodyBackgroundColor%% (etc.) everywhere you want a template variable. The template variables will be substituted when the CSS files are written to the HTML directories. Your original CSS files aren't modified.

Added a new template for tablets. Right now it is nothing earthshaking. I just copied the mobile configuration file and changed MaxImageWidth = 300 to MaxImageWidth = 700 so the images will be generated larger. http://tablet.frogymandias.org But it is a start. If you use DoAllFrogs.pl, then invoke it like

DoAllFrogs.pl frog frog-mobile frog-tablet

to get a GelAll script that will generate all the HTML files. (Don't forget to that you need to manually copy the themes directory for the new frog_tablet directory so that Mobile jQuery will work right.