The Legend of Frogymandias

Frogymandias<br>Look on my works...
Look on my works...

It started back in the early 1970s when I played bass and Brian was the sound technician/roadie for our band. We had tape recorders set up to tape the band and Brian and I built a "sound board." We were quite proud of the sound quality we were getting and modestly created a name for our (future) production company.

Froggy Tape Recorders (Patch panel removed.)
Froggy Tape Recorders (Patch panel removed.)

One thing we remembered from high school was Ozymandias, so... Brian created a logo and penciled it in at the top of the board. He drew another logo with a felt tip pen on the back of one of our band's business cards and I carried it in my wallet for years. We got into computers in the 80s and when I eventually progressed to a $300 hand held scanner some time in the 90s, I scanned Froggy. I kept the image file and this is what we are now using for the Frogymandias logo. (Sadly, the original image no longer exists. I dropped my wallet in water...)

Brian and I have usually had a conversation at least once a weekend ever since. We don't talk about tape recorders much these days, but we have talked about a lot of technical topics. 'Frogdown' is an offshoot of one of the projects we have been talking about off and on the past few years. There are more related projects that are in various stages of completion. We hope to bring some more of them to fruition on Frogmandias. (The first thing we learned is that tangible projects are a lot harder to finish than vapor projects are.)

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