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The OpenSCAD console supports a subset of HTML markup language. See here for details.

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  OpenSCAD highlighter for Notepad++:
If you don't want to use NotePad++ Using an external Editor with OpenSCAD

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Worlds Best Spool Hub:
Customizable stereographic picture projector:
hole cover:
Model Rocket Transition Adapter:
Flashforge Creator Improved Tube Inserts:
ISO Metric Nuts and Bolts:
Customizeable Drink Coaster
Customizable ExcelFil Filament Spool Plug
Buckle Box, Printable In One Piece

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The Headless SourceMan (Lots of nifty designs)
  o-ringer (create your own o-rings)
  OpenSCAD highlighter for Notepad++:

The relationship between Makerbot/Thingiverse and OpenSCAD

Bre Pettis (founder of Makerbot): The "father" of OpenSCAD is Marius Kintel, a Scandinavian who lived in Austria and is now in Toronto. He is one of the smartest people in the world and a wonderful person. When he took over the OpenSCAD project he rewrote every single line to optimize it and we customized Thingiverse on top of it. In fact we are great friends: he worked with me on building my first 3D printer. Now as MakerBot we are supporting OpenSCAD development: for programmers and web developers it is the ultimate 3D modelling tool open solid CAD modelling and adding customizers on top of it it makes it so that you can program a Christmas tree and give amateur end users the tools to change it and personalize it through sliders. The relationship between us and OpenSCAD is a friendship that is going to last a long time. magazine.

3D Printers (that I am researching)

I'm looking at All Flashforge printers use standard filament, with no proprietary DRM lockin. Both the Dreamer and Finder use small non-standard spools, but a full size (i.e., cheapest) spool of filament can be mounted outside of the printer.
  Flashforge Finder $699. Single extruder, PLA only. Has self-leveling bed.
  Flashforge Dreamer ~1,000 new. Dual extruder, ABS and PLA. Dreamer is $770 on the Flashforge refurbished store. Has suggestion on how to use an external filament spool holder
 Simple Filament Spool Stand V3.2

Many people (including Flashforge) suggest using the Slimplify3D slicing program ($149) instead of the free slicing program thas is bundled with the printer. Currently, Simplify3D supports the Dreamer. Don't know about the Finder (which is new.) Many users report fewer failed prints when using Simplify3D.

But I am leaning towards the FlashForge Dreamer. And may hold off on Slimplifi3D (see review (below) of the free FlashForge Flashprint. Which is v. 3.2.08 (You don't need the URL on the video to get the most recent version (which is 3.7.1, as of this writing) In Flashprint, Open Help/Check for Updates. It there is an update you will be prompted to download it.)!forum/flashforge

Maker's Muse:
  Flashforge Dreamer 3D Printer Review
  Playing around with Flashprint V 3.4.1 Latest Version MUST GET. (Slicer for the Dreamer)
  Why do 3D Printers still kinda suck? (But read the comments below the video. Hmm.)

The Sounds of 3D Printing Failure
frode eriksen 7 months ago
i got the ext ruder jam sound :( .... scratching my head figuring out how to clean it... need to disassemble it im guessing.. but how to get it clean inside? the nozzle hole is so small .?

Maker's Muse: The Sounds of 3D Printing Failure
Maker's Muse 7 months ago
+frode eriksen I use a 0.3mm drill bit, they're tiny and delicate but do the job. You can easily find them on ebay! You will have to disassemble the head by the sounds of it to clean the extruder gear :)?

From comments under the video.

Which leads to
  (Flashforge USA) Flashforge Dreamer 3D Printer: Taking Apart the Extruder

  How To Unclog 3D Printer W/O Disassembly (Taulman)
    Nozzle Clearing

Thomas James: Flashforge Dreamer - Active Cooling Upgrade