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Color, Photography, and Web Development

Frogymandias is a few projects for improving several aspects of photography. And also is a good way of creating web sites.

Color Gamuts (for photographers)

Sad. Laptop gamut is much smaller than sRGB
Sad. Laptop gamut is much smaller than sRGB

Color is key to working with digital photography. A color gamut describes the entirety of the colors that a monitor or printer can produce. A small color gamut only contains muted, pastel-like colors. A larger gamut will contain brighter, more saturated colors. Larger is usually better, but larger can cost more.

Understanding color gamuts lets you intelligently choose a new monitor or make the best use of the monitor you currently own. And see how your monitor's gamut compares to your printer's gamut.

The two dimensional color gamut to the left is of an inexpensive laptop (the solid color part) plotted against the sRGB color space (the white wireframe.) A working 3D model is much better than a 2D slice of a 3D model.

Look at the Interactive 3D plot of the color gamut. Click and drag with your left mouse to rotate the gamut plot. See how the laptop's gamut (the solid color part) is smaller than the sRGB gamut.

Now look at a better behaved laptop. This one fills sRGB better.

Why 3D Color Gamuts Matter to Photographers explains how color gamuts work and how you can examine and compare different devices' color gamuts.

Camera Scanning slides and negatives

35mm negatives and slides are difficult to scan. Flatbed scanners generally don't have enough resolution to do slides and negatives justice. Dedicated transparancy scanners are expensive and are slow to operate. They often take several minutes for each slide/negative frame.

I'll show you how to use your DSLR or mirrorless camera to scan slides and negatives much faster than with a conventional scanner.

3D printed slide/negative duplicator

Make your own adapter for "scanning" slides and negatives by using 3D printing. You can use a 3D printer that you own. Or you can find a local "makers" group to find somebody to help you. Or you can use a commercial service that will make 3D prints for you.

Create Web sites with Frogdown markup language

###Create Web sites with Frogdown markup language

%b%Frogdown%/b% is a markup language that is a superset of %l Markdown| The entire Frogymandias site was written in FrogDown. A markup language is an alternative to a full blown CMS, such as WordPress.

Frogdown is a markup language that is a superset of Markdown. The entire Frogymandias site was written in FrogDown. A markup language is an alternative to a full blown CMS, such as WordPress. The advantage of creating a site in a markup language is that the site can be nothing but straight HTML, which eliminates most security concerns. No web interface means a very tiny attack vector.

I develop Frogymandias on a Windows machine so I can refine and debug the easy way with multiple windows. When I'm ready to publish I copy the source files to the Linux server that hosts Frogymandias and run the appropriate script to generate the HTML (and images) on the Linux server. I find that this is a very productive way to generate a web site. Writing in Frogdown is easier than writing in HTML directly, because modern HTML is very verbose and isn't really suited for direct composition. Frogdown brings back the simplicity of writing in old school HTML (before HTML got all fancy.)

I get a lot of mileage from seeing working examples of something that is close to what I want and then adapting it to exactly what I want. index.text is the source code for this page. (The same pattern works for almost all of the other pages.) Find a page on this site that contains examples of what you want to format and look at the .text file to see how it is formatted in Frogdown.


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