TransiDupe - a 3D printed slide/negative duplicator

TransiDupe is an adapter to hold 35mm and 6x6cm transparencies (slides and negatives) for camera scanning It is designed to be printed with a 3D printer; either one that you own or printed by a service like Shapeways. It is designed to be a replacement for the portions of the PhotoSolve Xtend-a-Slide that are no longer being manufactured.

TransiDupe was inspired by (and is an adaption) of the DupliHood project.

TL;DR: TransiHood is an adapter for camera scanning. TransiHood is a script written in the (free) OpenSCAD CAD system. OpenSCAD will generate .stl files that can be printed with a 3-D printer

Overview of the CAD design

Completed 3D printed prototypes

Misc. stuff I learned along the way

Hardware parts that you need to buy