TransiDupe - a 3D printed slide/negative duplicator (2016 version)

TransiDupe is an adapter to hold 35mm and 6x6cm transparencies (slides and negatives) for camera scanning It is designed to be printed with a 3D printer; either one that you own or printed by a service. It is designed to be a replacement for the the PhotoSolve Xtend-a-Slide (that is no longer being manufactured.)

TransiDupe was also inspired by (and is an adaption) of the DupliHood project.

TL;DR: TransiDupe is an adapter for camera scanning. TransiDupe is a script written in the (free) OpenSCAD CAD system. OpenSCAD will generate .stl files that can be printed with a 3-D printer

(2016 version.) These are the 2016 versions of these pages. Go here for the 2019 redesign

TransiDupe-II-9-0028 is the most recent version of Transidupe that supports the Xtend-a-Slide version that mounts directly on your lens (as shown above). TransiDupe-II-9-0029, and newer cover this up and the 2016 era code will eventually be stripped away.

Overview of the CAD design

Getting TansiDupe up and working the first time
The best way to print TransiDupe (start with small test prints.

What's new always has the most recent version of TransiDupe.
(But version .0028 is the latest version that will print the TransiDupe versions that are described on these 2016 pages.)

Completed 3D printed prototypes

Description of the parts of the 2016 version of TransiDupe.
First set of completed (printed) parts Xtend-a-Slide accessory
First prototype (The hose clamp version.)
Second prototype with PVC tube (The PVC pipe version.)
Refinements Different way of mounting to the lens
Non-PVC version for a point-and-shoot camera (instead of for a DSLR/mirrorless with a macro lens.)
Magnetic mounts and 33mm and 110 negative carriers. Shows final versions of all parts.

Misc. stuff I learned along the way

How to camera scan your slides and negatives
Light matters (LED vs. CFL)
OpenSCAD and 3D printing reference

Hardware parts that you need to buy (2016 version.)