What's new with TransiDupe

1/29/2019 Lowered the mount on the carrier mounting plate so you can use nylon 1/4-20 thumbscrews. The older versions required you use metal 1/4-20 bolts because nylon thumbscrews were too high. Metal on PLA isn't a good match. Nylon on PLA works much better. I like nylon thumbscrews.

The images on these web pages usually lag the actual design. Download TransiDupe-II version .9.033.scad and look at it in OpenSCAD.

1/22/2019 Updated Getting TransiDupe up and working to match the project as it is now. I also slipstreamed bugfixes and improvements to TransiDupe-II version .9.032.scad. (The code often is ahead of these web pages. Click on the latest version and look at the date at the beginning of the file. If it is newer than the version you are now using, maybe download the newer version.)

The most recent changes were to the negative carrier to make it less likely that negatives would get caught when feeding through the negative carrier. You need to reprint and tape the bottom and top parts of the negative carrier. The mounting plate hasn't changed so you don't need to reprint it.

My rail rig has changed in the last week or so. Check the most recent photos.

1/19/2019 Made a lot of changes to the rail rigs that hold the camera, transparancies, and LED panel. Added enlongated holes to the carriers and carrier mounting plate to allow for side-to-side and tilt adjustments. (Gave up on the 4-way macro rails I originally tried because it didn't work well for this. Enlongated holes in the carriers suffice for additional adjusting.)

A lot of changes to the variables that are exposed in the Customizer.

Download TransiDupe-II version .9.032.scad.

1/7/2019 Added springclamp part as an alternative to the metal clamps that hold the bottom of the negative carrier. And made more OpenSCAD Customizer friendly.

Download TransiDupe-II version .9.031.scad.

The 2016 version is now archived here. It was too confusing to describe all possible versions on one page.

1/4/2019 Now optimized for the new rail rig version. The code for the new OpenSCAD Customizer is optimized for the new rail rig version.

Download TransiDupe-II version .9.030.scad.

12/28/2018 Have a new version up and running! Look at the 2018 TransiDupe-II Relaunch page for more details. No more long tubes that took a lot of hours to 3D print. And a lot less parts that need to fit precisely to other parts (meaning less test prints to fine tune."

Download TransiDupe-II version .9.029.scad And make sure to follow the instructions on that page on how to upgrade to OpenSCAD that supports the new Customizer. TransiDupe-II going forward is formatted to use the Customizer.

12/24/2018 Only minor slipstreamed code changes, but updated the 2018 TransiDupe-II Relaunch page to fill out where the new design is heading.

Also added a new page describing the Photosolve Xtend-a-Slide, because Photosolve is now out of business and the links that used to go to the Photosolve Xtend-a-Slide don't work. The Xtend-a-Slide really needs to be explained to understand the TransiDupe design. Best wishes, Photosolve.

12/22/2018 Now renamed to "TransiDupe-II" because I made changes to support the new OpenSCAD Customizer. See details on the 2018 Relaunch page. Covers the new Customizer GUI interface. And the new 3MF file format that is supposed to replace .stl.

Download TransiDupe-II version .9.028.scad Note This is the last version of TransiDupe that supports the Xtend-a-Slide style that mounts on your lens. See index-2016 for an archive of this version.

12/8/2018 I took a break and am now back developing. The current version should be able to generate both the PVC and the non PVC version. The PVC version is quicker to print but I like using the non-PVC version because it is lighter.

TransiDupe Version .9.027 has a few more tweaks but is not much different than the previous version. Fixed a few dead parts list links in the docs. It is difficult to make the documentation match every tweak in the code. Check the variables in the code!

This was tested with a Canon 60D and 60mm macro lens. (Should also work with FF and 100mm lens.) The "number of sections" are set to "3" (again, inspired by the Photosolve Xtend-a-Slide which had separate sections that screweed together. Transidupe "sections" are just a measure of height.)

Tested with 35mm slides and negatives. And with 110 negatives. Was not tested with mounted 6x6cm slides (because I don't have any.)

6/4/2016 TransiDupe Version .9.026 has more tweaks, bug fixes, and improved support for both the non-PVC and PVC versions.

5/31/2016 TransiDupe Version .9.025 has tweaks and bug fixes.

5/29/2016 TransiDupe Version .9.024 adds the tested 110 negative carrier. (The 35mm negative carrier was tested in the previous version.) 120mm negative carrier hasn't been tested yet.

Rewrote the Transidupe overview to reflect the current state. (All the old screen shots were wrong because I changed everything after I started making real prints.)

5/26/2016 TransiDupe Version .9.023 now has the magnetic mounts working. Lots of pictures and instructions on completed parts 6.

No more spring clips! (Unless you want.)

5/23/2016 TransiDupe Version .9.022 has many incremental changes. The 35mm negative carrier is working. (You still need to wrap art tape on the rails, just like on my original custom negative carrier--3D printed plastic is rough and we don't want film rubbing on it.) The 110 and film6x6 stuff is closer to working. I am experimenting with punching holes in the carrier for magnets for a magnetic mount, but this defaults to off, because I don't have a working prototype yet.

I added a new LED light panel to the lights and color page.

5/10/2016 TransiDupe Version .9.021 has a non-PVC tube version that works with a point-and-shoot camera. The variables now default to making this. Just change part to make reartube, fronttube, and springpart. (It should make all the other versions, also. But you need to study the assorted configuration variables.)

3/12/2016 It suddenly got warm and humid (in early March!), so I made some dry boxes to keep my filament dry.

3/7/2016 TransiDupe Version .9.020 has been cleaned up enough so I decided that it is releasable. The changes are described here

2/29/2016 Second prototype designed to minimize print time and use less filament. See the secrets here. And a new page comparing LED vs. CFL lighting. But no code now. I am reorganizing the OpenSCAD script because it now has so many different options and configurations that... Well, it needs redoing.

2/19/2016 Complete slide carrier with no Xtend-a-Slide parts at all! (But it still needs work.) Printed with TransiDupe Version .9.019. Hey, progress is progress.

2/15/2016 Some completed parts, (printed with the gold PLA filament that came with the printer.) TransiDupe Version .9.018 can now print some real parts that work.

2/14/2016 Happy Valentine's day. More fiddling with dimensions. TransiDupe Version .9.017 is still a work in progress. (But is getting closer.)

Added new "thumbshell" part, which goes over the hex screw on a hose clamp so you can adjust the host clamp without needing a screwdriver. (I like hose clamps a lot.) No screen shots yet--use your imagination.

2/13/2016 Got my FlashForge Dreamer yesterday and printed some actual parts. Which, of course, exposed a lot of errors. TransiDupe Version .9.016 has less errors than it used to.

I'm going to repeat my earlier recommendation to use an external text editor with OpenSCAD. With color coding enabled. It makes the OpenSCAD code a lot more readable if the comments are in a different color than the rest of the code. (I use NotePad++ with the Notepad++ syntax file that is listed on the above page. On my Windows machine.)

2/11/2016 Ah, back from vacation. However, same as before, only a bit more, TransiDupe Version .9.015

1/28/2016 Same as before, only a bit more, TransiDupe Version .9.014

1/25/2016 Reworked variables for the negative carrier so it is more likely to have the correct dimensions in TransiDupe Version .9.013

1/24/2016 Added the top part to the negative carrier to TransiDupe Version .9.012. Also added fillets (for added strength) to the front and rear tubes. Added negative carriers for 110 (Instamatic) and 120 (medium format) film. (Reminder: refresh pages because old versions might be in your browser's cache.)

1/21/2016 Added slide and negative carriers to TransiDupe Version .9.011. (1/22/2016 Added "b" version with some bug fixes.)

1/14/2016 Removed extraneous material for the rear tube plate (when made with threads) so it will use less filament on TransiDupe Version .9.010.

Updated most of the screen shots in the docs. You probaly should refresh each page so you will get the most recent versions of the screenshots. I didn't change the file names a lot of times and your browser might have cached older versions of the images.

1/12/2016 Added a crossbar to reartube when maketube is false (only makes the rear plate) TransiDupe Version .9.009. This is needed if you are making threads on the rear tube plate and are trial-and-erroring small adjustments to reardiskdiameter to until it screws into your step-up ring. And some more bug fixes. And added a center crossbar with cross hatches to the calibration slide.

1/11/2016 Moved most of the variables you need to adjust to the top of TransiDupe Version .9.008 and improved the comments. And fixed some bugs.

1/10/2016 Put slots in the rear tube, to provide more "give" in TransiDupe Version .9.007. Added ruler for debugging. part = "ruler"; makes a ruler that is the length that your slide should be from the lens, based on the total number of front and rear sections. Also adjusted various dimensioning constants.

1/8/2016 Added support for making threads on the rear plate of the rear tube (that otherwise needs to be glued to a step-up ring.) in TransiDupe Version .9.006 The code came from DupliHood. With the threads (if they work), you can just screw the rear tube onto a step-up ring.

Hint: if you want to try making threads, you might want to change maketube = "true"; so that it isn't "true" (so you only will make the round plate while experimenting to verify that threads work, and are the correct diameter.) Also set reardiskdiameter=67; to the diameter of your step-up ring.

Adjusted various "fudge" factor variables.

1/5/2016 Added support for 6x6 (cm) slides (like the DupliHood supports), in addition for 35mm. 6x6 is AKA 120 film. TransiDupe Version .9.005. Because the rear tube is always 50mm, I suggest making a short (1 or 2 sections) rear tube and long front tube. You can now specify the number of sections ea. for the front and rear tubes. (Well, look at it and you'll see.) The OpenSCAD console will now display the (approx.) working length. i.e. how much distance between the lens and the slide.

I didn't update the rest of the screen shots. It looks slightly different in part="film35" (35mm) mode, but looks a lot different in part=film6x6 (6 cm slides; 120 negatives (when I make a negative carrier.)

1/4/2016 No code updates, but added misc. clarifying text/links to the documentation.

1/3/2016 Tweaked variables to make test prints be shorter, with thinner base plates in TransiDupe Version .9.004. Test prints should work to see if everything fits together but will take a lot less time to print and will use much less filament.

1/2/2016 Added rim to fronttube in in TransiDupe Version .9.003. And tweaked assorted dimensions.

1/1/2016 Updated web site and fixed problems in TransiDupe Version .9.002. Now all of the parts should be printable. Made provisions for making test prints.

12/31/2015 Initial relase of TransiDupe Version .9.001

Questions? Write to transidupe@frogymandias.org